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Terms and Conditions

As your auctioneer, I will be fair and do my duty to be transparent about all items up for auction regarding appraisals, expertise, and any other information necessary for the bidding of an item. On the other hand, it is up to the bidder to examine all he items since there are no guarantees or warranties of any sort unless they are specifically stated by the auctioneer. As your auctioneer, I have the right to remove an item(s) from the auction if it is deemed necessary. Also, if there is a minimum bid for a particular lot, it will be marked on the lot itself, and this will be the starting bid. If there is no bid, I will pass on the item. Feel free to come and see me at the end of the auction if you are interested, and I will go to the owner with an amount that you are willing to pay. There is no guarantee that the owner will accept the amount. If there is a change for any reason in the catalog, it will be announced orally, and this will be in lieu of any written or advertised information. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

The premium/surcharge for the seller is TBA and the bidder/buyer is TBA (except charitable auctions). Also, anyone who gives me a referral to do an auction for another, and I auction off that estate, will receive a referral fee of $100. My charity auctions will be for rescue animals (near and dear to me since most of my pets have been rescues). All of HAT auctions will be with some “reserves” depending on the item up for bid or unless clearly stated as “absolute.” It is important that all auctions meet deadlines both for consignments brought and items removed after all types of auctions. NO SELF CHECKOUTS!

Payment can be made in the form of a check providing that the I.D. information is the same as the valid driver’s license/state I.D.; a valid Visa/MC card or Visa debit card or cash. If you have a valid resale number issued by the state of Florida, tax does not apply. If you do not have a valid resale number, state tax is 7%. In order to pay by check, your total must be $50.00 or over, and your I.D. must match the name on the check. The penalty for writing a bad check is $30.00 in addition to the total amount of the merchandise.

Consignment Auction Policy

Consignment items are welcome for consignment auctions. If you are interested in holding an Estate auction, the paperwork must be finalized a minimum of one month in advance. It is at the discretion of the auctioneer when the auction will be held. Please contact HAT at (786) 540-3660 or via email at

“As the gavel comes down, be assured that those who work for HAT will act professionally and ethically.”